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Basic information

Identification of the content administrator

Town Office Bytca, Namestie SR 1 / 1, 01401 Bytca, ID: 00321192, e-mail:

Office hours

Monday: 7.30 to 15.30
Tuesday: 7.30 to 15.30
Wednesday: 7.30 to 16.00
Thursday: not opening
Friday: 7.30 to 15.00
Break: 11.30 to 12.00

Identification of the technical operator

CREATE.SK, s.r.o., 1. maja 1/A, 01401 Bytca, ID 45974403, e-mail:, website:


Bytca Town is an independent local authority and the administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, which carries its own self-government under the Act No. 369/1990 Coll. Municipal Act.

The town's territory consists of a set of cadastral areas:

  • Velka Bytca
  • Mala Bytca
  • Miksova
  • Psurnovice
  • Hlinik nad Vahom
  • Hrabove

Town authorities are:

  • Town Council
  • Mayor

Municipal authorities are:

  • City Council
  • Commission
  • Municipal police
  • Municipal Fire Brigade

Special status of the chief auditor of the city.

Bytca Town is the founder of these organizations:

  • Elementary School on Ul. Mieru Bytca
  • Elementary School on Ul. E. Lániho Bytca
  • Basic Art School in Bytca
  • Leisure Centre in Bytca
  • Technical services of Bytca

Bytča Town has an ownership interest in the company KTR Bytca, Ltd.

Bytca Town organizational governance:

  • Municipal Library Bytca
  • Kindergarten at Ul. Hurbanova in Bytca
  • Kindergarten at Ul. Dostojevského in Bytca
  • Kindergarten in Hrabove
  • Kindergarten in Hliník nad Vahom
  • Kindergarten in Mala Bytca
  • Kindergarten in Psurnovice
  • School cafeteria in elementary school at Ul. mieru in Bytca
  • School cafeteria in elementary school at Ul. E. Laniho in Bytca

Town Office Bytca provides administrative and organizational matters Town Council and Mayor, as well as other established bodies Town Council.
Organization of the Municipal Office modify the establishment plan of the council of Bytca.